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Your overstocked positions can be solved

A revolutionary online B2B luxury fashion marketplace & platform for the re-distribution of inventory as a community. HighFashionExchange.com offers a wide range of luxury brand goods for distribution to high end fashion online retailers to solve the problem of overstocked positions.

HighFashionExchange.com is a B2B online marketplace for luxury fashion retailers.

Essential Platform

We are an essential online B2B luxury fashion distribution platform for all high end fashion retailers seeking to improve inventory flow and turnover.

Worldwide Distribution

Fellow professionals who are in need of merchandise means hastened decision making process to buy. Collectively it also means an entirely new group of informed, business minded customers.

Secure & Efficient

We provide a secure and efficient online B2B luxury goods marketplace for luxury fashion online retailers to list, browse, and buy and sell current merchandise, and trade merchandise in complete anonymity.

Exclusive Membership

All our members operate physical stores and are authorized B2B resellers of luxury fashion brands they represent.

An E-Commerce channel

We compliment the multi-channel methods to reach your customers by accentuating the shopping experience in luxury, availability on demand.

Evolving Together

Retailers worldwide in personal luxury face a common myriad of factors but have never been able to connect as a community, let's start!

B2B Luxury Fashion Platform

“The experience of shopping in a luxury store can never be replicated, our platform crafted for the retailing community in the industry serves to supplement and embellish this experience for the final customer, our most valued asset. Thank You and Welcome.”

Jacob Choong, Conceptualiser.

How It Works?

We are an online B2B marketplace for high end fashion retailers of apparel, shoes, and accessories. Making the exchange of items simple and easy so that you can run your business more efficiently and effectively to optimise your inventory.

Luxury Marketplace

Why Us?

What Sets Us Apart From Competition

Unparalleled Network
With 400+ luxury fashion brands and high end fashion retailers from across the world, we provide you with a remarkable chance to purchase and sell luxury goods B2B. We anticipate your needs and give you the resources you need to thrive.

Satisfaction & Service
To be at the top of the class, we take pleasure in offering the highest level of customer service to our luxury fashion retailers. We’re always just a click away, whenever you need us.

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Some of Our Trusted Brands

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Freshest Collections

An Ecosystem For Brands And Retailers

Refresh the look of your inventory by trading with other high end fashion retailers and reduce the waste from unsold merchandise.

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    Any business organization conducting retail operations within a physical space dealing in high fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories.


    If the buyer accepts the item as in good condition, the transaction is considered as complete and final, this will trigger a release of prepaid funds from the escrow account.to the seller.

    If the buyer rejects the item within 6 hours, the buyer will be refunded the funds paid for cost of the goods (excluding freight, insurance and administration fees) and no additional charges will apply for return of the item,

    Pre- printed documents for transporters will be ready for re-shipment which will then trigger refund upon pick up.

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