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How It Works

HighFashionExchange.com is a B2B marketplace for high fashion retailers of apparel shoes and accessories.

Checkout finishes on Escrow.com

Once you commit to buy, we’ll send you to Escrow.com to register for an account. The seller will also register.

You fund the HighFashionExchange.com account

Escrow.com will send you instructions on how to fund your account with a wire transfer from your bank.

The seller ships the merchandise

Once your wire transfer is received by Escrow.com, they verify it and we notify the seller to ship your watch.

You inspect the merchandise

After delivery, you have 7 days to inspect the merchandise before payment is released. If you decide to return the merchandise during that week, the seller will have 5 days to inspect it before you’re refunded.

How Everything Works!

select product

Buyer Selects Products From Marketplace for Replenishment or sudden Request on Demand.

Confirm with Seller for Stock

We will confirm with Seller for Stock and Inform Buyer. Skus not available on the marketplace can be requested through our alert and notification system to other members.

deposit in Escrow

Once Seller Confirms Availability buyer will make a pre-payment to an escrow account pending delivery of goods.

Pick Up

Seller is informed to Print Shipping Documents And Transporter will Pick Up.

Buyer Inspects Goods

Buyer Inspects Goods and Can choose to Return Within 6 hours of Delivery. No Additional Charges will Be incurred for Return.

Seller will receive funds

Seller will receive funds, Less commission within 7 days

  • SELLER will upload their selected inventory to the marketplace based on manufacturer’s stock code numbers (skus) and prices that they wish to obtain. Any price above USD200 per item (excluding freight and insurance) will be accepted on the marketplace.
  • Only skus and prices will be indicated .
  • A transaction is in process when i) there is confirmation that the selected item is available and ii) funds have been received in the escrow account, pending delivery to buyer.
  • SELLER will be informed to print prepared documents by HighFashionExchange.com awaiting pick up by transporters.
  • SELLER will receive funds, less commission to HighFashionExchange.com within 7 days.
  • BUYER is an authorised retailer who will be directed to specific marketplace of brands that were signed up for to make purchases for replenishment and sudden request on demand.
  • BUYER can ask for skus not available on the marketplace, specifying the exact sku and price they are willing to pay , above USD200 per item (excluding freight and insurance).
  • BUYER can choose to return the merchandise if it is unsuitable for resale within 6 hours of delivery, the cost of the goods (excluding freight and insurance) will be refunded. Upon such returns, pre-printed documents for pick up will be prepared by HighFashionExchange.com. No additional charges will be incurred for this return.

What We Can Do For You?

HighFashionExchange.com will handle the physical transportation and invoicing of the goods for its members.

Any inconveniences for importation or exportation is minimised with international courier to collect and deliver.

What-We-Can-Do for you

Buy and Sell with confidence

Our new escrow service protects your transactions.

Secure, fully traceable payment method

Complimentary product inspection period

Waived processing fees for escrow payments

Buy or Sell worry free

In case your item doesn’t match its description, is defective, or doesn’t turn up at all, we will make sure it is replaced, or your funds are refunded. We protect the buyer from any issue arising and will ensure complete support.


We ensure we keep all the trades secret and trade in anonymity. And you are able to reject the purchase if the item is deemed unsuitable for reselling upon receipt without further paperwork or additional shipping out costs.

Resolution Support

If you have problems with a purchase, you can file a dispute or contact us through email or phone, and we are here to help.

Fraud protection
Fraud protection

We monitor transactions 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing, and identity theft to ensure that your transactions and trade are safe.

B2B Luxury Fashion Platform

“The experience of shopping in a luxury store can never be replicated, our platform crafted for the retailing community in the industry serves to supplement and embellish this experience for the final customer, our most valued asset. Thank You and Welcome.”

Jacob Choong, Conceptualizer